Landscaping and Planting

JPC Tree Care provides planting, mulching and general landscape upkeep services. Let our certified Arborists and competent installation staff provide you with advice guidance and expert installation to make the most of your planting and landscaping budget.


We can assist you with your tree and shrub planting needs. Our certified arborists are on hand to provide guidance and suggestions for tree selection that will best suit your landscaping needs based on soil, sun, proximity to and location of other plants and trees on your property. If you’ve already selected trees or shrubs, and want planting assistance, you’ve come to the right place. Our installation crew is among the best in the Chicago area.

Soil Conditioning

Before you spend a lot of money on putting in new plants, we recommend our soil conditioning services. We will get your garden ready by pulverizing and enriching the soil with the necessary nutrients to enable your new plants to thrive, even in the hottest and driest of summers.


Mulching can make a big difference to your landscape health and appearance. Mulch allows the soil to retain moisture, requiring you to water less often. It also helps to keep weeds at bay, reduce erosion, provide winter protection, and make your garden beds and yard more attractive.


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