Red Maple Tree

I have a tree that started losing its leaves in early August and drops leaves all year long. I have also noticed the bark near the roots is falling off. With spring coming is there any way to save this tree?

I visited your property and looked at your tree. Your tree is a red maple and there were several items immediately evident: 1. There are plenty of buds on the tree. They may not be easy to see because they have not begun to swell as they will in the spring. 2. Someone has recently […]

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emeral ash borer

What can I do to save my Ash Trees from the Ash Borer Insects?

The Emerald Ash Borer is an insect native to Russia, China, Japan and Korea. Until 2002, it had never been seen in North America. It is suspected that they came on cargo ships. Originally found in ash trees only in Michigan, the Emerald Ash Borer has now been found in many areas in the United […]

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Will my tree die because it was struck by lightning?

Not necessarily – although the exterior evidence of a lightning strike is often cause for concern. Unless the missing bark is quite extensive, the amount of damage to the root system and the invasion of opportunistic insects (borers) will be the cause for the tree’s decline. The root damage can not be determined, so we […]

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