Planning and Consulting

The very best investment you can make in your property is our annual consulting and maintenance services.

Do you value the aesthetics of your property and enjoy the luxury of mature trees and bushes that you want maintained by knowledgeable professionals? Need a lot inventory for insurance purposes? Developing property and need lots cleared for sale purposes?

Survey and Inventory Services

JPC Tree Care will work with you to survey your property and prepare a comprehensive plan of action to meet your needs no matter how large or small your property. We will identify the species of trees on your property, determine their condition and create a plan for fostering their health and beauty so they will continue to enhance the value of your property and the joy of stewardship.

Our certified arborist will create a schedule of routine maintenance for the arboriculture that addresses feeding, pruning, disease control, and removal necessary, by seasons. The urban forest of the greater suburbs of Chicago is one of nature’s greatest gifts to those who reside here and we take the care of this legacy very seriously.

Annual Maintenance Schedule and Care Plan

There is a saying that no one plans to fail, they just fail to plan. Creating and updating an annual care plan will assure that you will not be surprised by fungi, disease and insect damage to your trees. Did you know that when you see an Emerald Ash Borer it may be too late to save the Ash?

EAB is only one of many environmental threats seeking to find a host tree stressed and unable to defend itself effectively. Annual inspections and updating your plans will assure that Maple Fade, Oak Wilt, and Dutch Elm Disease will not destroy your dream home.

We can also provide you with new trees to replace those removed due to storm damage or disease. Planning should include identifying replacement plantings that will establish themselves and mature in time to replace those needing removal due to maturity.

planning and consulting with the arborist